Does whitening hurt?

Teeth #whitening is a very effective and safe procedure of lightening a natural color of your teeth. It has to be mentioned that the color of our teeth changes with years, and it is a normal part of aging. However, if you decide to whiten your teeth, Dr. Jaroslav will provide all necessary information about preparations, and expectations of the procedure.

But does it hurt? Answer is, it depends on an individual. It is not a #painful procedure; however, you might have a tooth #whitening #sensitivity during the treatment or the first 24 hours after the procedure. The tooth #whitening #sensitivity differs from person to person, and if initially you have #sensitive teeth, Dr. Jaro will take all necessary precautions to make the #whitening experience comfortable by providing a high quality dental care and discussing with you an individual plan of teeth #whitening to achieve your desired result.

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