Night Guards & Sports Guards

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

There are a variety of mouth-guards available at Ace Dental, including sport and night guards. Sport guards come in three varieties: stock, boil and bite and custom fitted. Custom Sports Guard can protect your teeth, tongue, and soft tissues around your mouth in the event of a sport injury to the head and neck area. The appliance is custom made to fit the unique shape of your teeth, making it more comfortable compared with over-the-counter varieties.

Night guards come in two varieties: over the counter and custom. If you have worn teeth or sore jaw joints, night-guards may be the solution. Custom night-guards are made with maximum fit and comfort in mind and will prevent your upper and lower teeth from mutual destruction if you are grinding during your sleep.

Book a consultation at Ace Dental where Dr. Sobstel can assess your needs and inform you which guard would benefit you the most.

To care for your mouth guard:

  • Ensure that your mouthguard is cleaned before and after each use with cold water and a toothbrush.

  • On occasion, it is important to clean the mouth guard in cool, soapy water rinsing it thoroughly afterwards.

  • For transportation, store mouthguard in a firm, perforated container. This will permit air circulation and prevent damage.

  • Keep the mouth guard out of hot temperatures, such as hot water, direct sunlight, direct surfaces – this will minimize the distortion of its shape.

  • Your mouth guard will have general wear throughout its use, if you see any holes, tears or if it becomes discomforting to wear, replace it.

  • Bring the mouth guard to each regularly scheduled dental visit to have your dentist exam it.

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